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LU2ON London



Shaping Luton’s Tomorrow

When envisioning the future of Luton, LU2ON stands as the emblematic flagship. As an avant-garde neighbourhood crafted for the emerging generation of homeowners, it fuses contemporary design with historic significance, all while ensuring that Central London and Luton London Airport remain just minutes away. For those who dream of a harmonious blend between a bustling city life and serene amenities, LU2ON emerges as the ultimate destination.

History’s Echo and the Promise of Tomorrow

The story of Luton-London is not merely about geographical proximity; it’s an age-old tale that began with the emblematic griffin. Tracing its lineage from Sir Falkes de Breauté’s coat of arms to the renowned Vauxhall Motors, Luton houses rich historical footprints. Scottish engineer Alexander Wilson, the founder of Vauxhall Motors, resurrected the griffin emblem, reinforcing the profound ties between Luton and London. With LU2ON positioned at the erstwhile Vauxhall Motors factory, history and modernity converge, placing Luton in the spotlight.

Central Boulevard: The Heartbeat of LU2ON

The European-style tree-lined boulevard pulsating through LU2ON is more than just a walkway—it’s a social hub. With gardens, bars, cafés, restaurants, and a state-of-the-art gym, it promises a vibrant lifestyle on your doorstep. The multi-level rooftop spaces not only offer breathtaking views but provide peaceful retreats for relaxation. And with the on-site hotel, retail spaces, and Grade-A office accommodations, LU2ON indeed is a comprehensive ecosystem.

Design Excellence at LU2ON

LU2ON’s apartments exude elegance, offering spacious, high-specification interiors illuminated by ample natural light. Whether it’s the suites, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments, each is meticulously designed, ensuring optimal space utilization. Moreover, residents enjoy the luxury of multi-level private roof gardens, offering an elevated living experience.

LU2ON: A Nexus to Everywhere

While LU2ON is a world in itself, its connectivity to London and beyond is unparalleled. A mere 23-minute journey connects Luton Parkway to King’s Cross St. Pancras, opening up a universe of opportunities in the bustling capital. From the architectural marvels of King’s Cross to its culinary delights, entertainment hubs, and fitness centers, everything is within arm’s reach.

Furthermore, LU2ON ensures that you’re always on the move efficiently. Be it by rail, bus, car, bike, or even air, you’re well-connected. With Luton Airport just four minutes away and direct train services to major destinations, spontaneous weekend getaways become a delightful reality.

Nature’s Embrace and the Golden Triangle

LU2ON believes in fostering well-being through greenery. With gardens, parks, and tree-lined boulevards, it offers residents the therapeutic embrace of nature. The meticulously landscaped areas, with their Elm and Birch trees, and vibrant flowers, stand testament to this commitment.

Moreover, Luton’s strategic position within the ‘Golden Triangle’—comprising Cambridge, Oxford, and London—proffers unparalleled advantages. From world-class universities to luxury shopping destinations like Bicester Village, everything is within easy reach, promising an enriched living experience.

LU2ON: The Future Awaits

LU2ON isn’t just a residential project; it’s a vision of tomorrow. By seamlessly blending history, design, amenities, connectivity, and nature, it crafts a symphony of holistic living. For those yearning for an elevated lifestyle without the cacophony of crowded city centers, yet wish to remain connected to the pulse of urban life, LU2ON emerges as the unequivocal choice. Embrace the future; embrace LU2ON.


Strategically located with direct trains to Central London in just 23 minutes

Modern homes set amidst vibrant shops, parklands, and top-tier amenities

Affordable luxury with prices starting from just $270,000

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Central London in 23 mins and near Luton Airport

Modern homes starting at just $270,000.

Modern gym, cafes, shops, and green spaces

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